Internet of things will lead to changes in search

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IOT will cause changes in search

IOT will have a huge impact on the future of search, and we will roam in a larger ocean of data

the rise of IOT means that billions of objects will be connected to our network to produce uninterrupted real-time data. This will not only change the traditional search method, but also construct a new ecological environment. We will transform it into an advantage. No longer search for information, information will find us

collision of IOT

when it comes to IOT, it's best to jump out of the past hype and explain what IOT is: a large number of automated physical devices are connected to the Internet. The common access devices are routers, switches, etc., but more devices, such as cameras and sensors, will be accessed. In the future, from refrigerators to cars, they will be accessed to the network

the relationship between search and device will change the traditional page content search mode: the new way is to search and obtain device data

shodan is the practitioner of this model. Enter a keyword, and Shodan will present various devices found on the network: routers, cameras, municipal control systems, etc

cnn, with its usual alarmist nature, thinks that Shodan is the most terrible search engine in history. Indeed, Shodan has some disturbing factors. Enter Cisco IOS last modified (a popular keyword suggested by Shodan) to find many Cisco based devices that have not been upgraded for a long time. These devices are very vulnerable

shodan has exposed a fact that security experts have long known: many almost forgotten antique devices are still running various tasks, even important tasks

although Shodan is very interesting, it may not represent the future of IOT search. In the future, as the world around us awakens and joins the network, the world will take the initiative to talk with us instead of us to find them

when the world will talk to you

here is an idea for the future world:

imagine that you are a maintenance technician and are about to start a day's work. In the previous day and night, the residents of the building have submitted a similar concept repair list (or even submitted by the equipment itself) to fill you with today's schedule. In your app, today's tasks have been arranged according to priority and efficiency

goods in department stores can be connected to the Internet through RFID tags. When a customer enters the store and enters the name of the product, he can see the exact location of the product on the map. Even see the display of augmented reality on Google glass or other wearable devices

store managers can also see the sales of goods through the augmented reality display of Google glass, and even directly display the sales hot spot map to predict that the goods may sell better in that location. Through simple voice commands, employees can change the location of goods and the price of electronic labels. The price reduction information will also be instantly displayed on consumers' devices

this is not far away.

smart and other mobile devices can already discover the surrounding world through search engines. You can see the search results of augmented reality

as more and more things join the Internet, they will create information and improve the level of information you can access. There are pros and cons (more information can assist decision-making, but too much information will drown you)

search, as a behavior, will become less and less necessary, because the world around us will automatically push us the information we need. The questions we need to ask will be simpler, and we don't need to work hard to select keywords

you don't need to search the best TV in 2013, and then view a large number of page articles. You just need to stand in the store and ask, which TV is the best for me? The best answer (based on your budget, preferences, room space) is in front of you

even, or according to the experimental temperature, it can be divided into normal temperature impact, low temperature impact and high temperature impact; According to the stress state of the specimen, it can be divided into zigzag impact (simply supported beam impact and cantilever beam impact), tensile impact, change impact and shear impact; According to the adopted energy and impact times, it can be divided into one impact with large energy (referred to as one impact test or drop hammer impact test for short) and repeated impact tests with small energy. Maybe you haven't asked, and advertisers have pushed the answer to you


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