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IOT students should correctly position themselves in three dimensions to determine their development direction

Guide: relevant research data show that the talent gap of IOT is about 20million in the next few years, and the talent gap problem needs to be solved urgently. Colleges and universities are the main battlefield for cultivating high-level talents. The first batch of students majoring in IOT are about to graduate. In the vast army of graduates, will students majoring in IOT be like a duck to water, or will they be submerged in the sea of job hunting and internships

from the concept implementation to the application of IOT, the demand for talents of IOT specialty is increasing rapidly. In the face of this problem, the Ministry of education has successively issued relevant documents. From 2011 to this year, the Ministry of education has approved more than 130 universities across the country to set up 64 IOT related specialties. Despite this, IOT talents are still a drop in the bucket for enterprises. Relevant research data show that the talent gap of IOT is about 20million in the next few years, and the talent gap needs to be solved urgently. Colleges and universities are the main battlefield for cultivating high-level talents. The first batch of students majoring in IOT are about to graduate. In the vast army of graduates, will students majoring in IOT be like a duck to water, or will they be submerged in the sea of job hunting and internships

on the other hand, is IOT a good choice for prospective college students who are preparing to fill in the college entrance examination? To this end, IOT China interviewed Mr. Chen Ji, vice president of IOT industrial technology innovation strategic alliance. From a macro perspective, Mr. Chen gave brilliant answers to questions about talent training and graduation and job search in Universities in IOT industry

the awkward situation of adjusting the push board to the outside has become an insurmountable gap in IOT talent training.

the current situation that the number of graduates majoring in IOT can not meet the talent needs of IOT enterprises is analyzed. Chairman Chen believes that there are two main reasons for this situation

first, the IOT specialty itself is in a state of starting from scratch. The discipline setting time is short, and the conditions in all aspects are not mature. The school is also in the experimental stage. There is no large-scale enrollment, so there is bound to be a talent gap. Although some schools offer IOT majors, there is only one class, about students. Therefore, the supply of students will certainly fall short of demand. And now the enterprise development speed is certainly far faster than our current talent training speed

second, the embarrassing situation of no teachers, no teaching materials and no base has become a gap across the IOT high-end talent training. President Chen further explained that there are still many constraints when many schools set up the disciplines of IOT, such as the inconsistency of teachers, teaching materials and courses, which restricts the energy and professional publicity of IOT in many universities. In terms of the number of professionals, the training of thousands of professionals each year is nothing but a drop in the bucket for the needs of enterprises. Despite the current situation, President Chen still believes that with the increasing support of the state in the field of IOT and the sharp growth of the demand for talents in the market, colleges and universities will certainly increase the investment in relevant disciplines of IOT

as for the problem that the graduates of IOT engineering do not meet the recruitment requirements of the employer, and the school can not apply what they have learned to practical work, President Chen believes that this phenomenon is normal. first; Due to the promotion of the state, the setting of IOT related majors will simplify some procedures, which leads to the fact that many colleges and universities do not fully consider the subject setting, and they are not very clear about the needs of the society. Therefore, there will be a phenomenon that IOT majors deviate from the industry in the content curriculum setting. Secondly, there are also some problems in the teaching system, such as the unsystematic curriculum, the slow construction of facilities, and the weak practical ability of the students. As a highly interdisciplinary discipline, the IOT school will have the phenomenon that what it has learned is not good or does not meet the needs of the market under the constraints of teachers and various conditions. This has created that some graduates can not meet the employment needs of the enterprise when working in IOT related enterprises, and the enterprise also needs to continue to educate the graduates

targeted cultivation of IOT professionals through school enterprise cooperation will have great prospects

when talking about the cooperation between universities and enterprises to cultivate IOT professionals, President Chen affirmed that this is a good cooperation direction, which not only increases the communication and cooperation between enterprises and universities, but also provides an opportunity for IOT students to exchange and practice. President Chen said: in fact, we are also cooperating with some universities to jointly cultivate IOT professionals, which increases the exchange opportunities between universities and enterprises, gives students the opportunity to understand and learn practical cases, defines the future development direction of students, and also provides students with some good internship opportunities

compared with the school's mode of cultivating students alone, the school enterprise alliance will gain more complementary content, the students will benefit more, the school will also improve its own teaching mode, and the enterprise can also select highly targeted professional students to create more value for itself. This mode of school enterprise combination can also correct the direction of colleges and universities for cultivating IOT talents, adjust the teaching mode, make the students more in line with the needs of the society and the market, and also produce a number of IOT practical talents. At the same time, it can further improve the lack of market demand for the talents trained by the University, and bring more employment opportunities to the majority of students. Colleges and universities will also be more mature and scientific in the teaching of IOT specialty. It can be said that this model will benefit everyone and will have great potential

when asked about how to view IOT related training institutions in the society, President Chen said that they should treat them rationally and consider this issue comprehensively. If the institutions can sign relevant employment agreements with enterprises, have sufficient comprehensive and strong teachers for chemical, instrument and other parts, and actively explore and gradually improve the discipline setting, this will be a very important thrust for the IOT industry. Just like the rise of New Oriental and Beida Qingniao at a time when it talents are in urgent need, it can be said that training institutions will benefit a lot for schools, students and enterprises as long as they firmly grasp the pulse of the times, solve the problems of entry and exit, set up courses close to practical applications, and strive to cultivate practical talents. It can be said that colleges and universities have limited talents, and the emergence of training institutions can just make up for the serious problem that colleges and universities are cultivating a small number of talents

cultivating scientific and technological talents to drive the development of emerging industries

he went to Beijing University of Posts and telecommunications to set up the IOT major, and the tuition fee for one year was as high as 56000. President Chen frankly said that education is also moving towards a market economy, and there is no unreasonable problem. If one is willing to fight and the other is willing to suffer, if he is willing to pay this price, it means that you agree with his value. As far as Beiyou is concerned, it is a high-end University in the field of communication and information technology. What we may value is that it has greater employment opportunities in the field of IOT. For the figure of 56000, we can't say whether it is reasonable or unreasonable. It depends on the effect of learning. If we can cultivate talents, what the market needs is useful or worth it

for China's future development, it also needs a large number of engineering students, which is the need for China to become a strong country in science and technology, and also the need for Premier Wen Jiabao to let science and technology lead China's sustainable development. In other words, China will have a large number of excellent engineers in the future, which will lead China to break through the shackles of traditional enterprises and drive the rise and development of emerging enterprises. This is what China must have. In foreign countries, we spare no effort to cultivate scientific and technological talents, which is something we should think about

students majoring in IOT should correctly position themselves in three dimensions to determine their development direction

students majoring in IOT are about to graduate. Facing employment, many students are blind and wandering. In this regard, President Chen put forward employment guidance suggestions for different students. First of all, he stressed that the development prospect of IOT industry is considerable. Students can go to school is just a gate to your future success. The key is to see the kind of enterprise that students want to work in after graduation, which has something to do with what you have learned and heard. If you have a certain technical foundation, it is recommended to go to some enterprises with strong technical strength; If you are an application-oriented talent, it is recommended that you go to some system integration and solution companies; If you are a marketing talent, you can work in an operation oriented enterprise. The key is to look at what you have learned and what you are good at. You should determine whether you belong to the application layer, the perception layer or the perception layer, and develop towards which level you are good at

in fact, no matter what kind of talents are indispensable resources in this industry, the important thing is to find out their own positioning. How to position yourself? President Chen has three points. The first point is like, interest is the best teacher, to determine their favorite piece; The second point is ability, which is an important guarantee to ensure that your future employment can match your position. The third point is the needs of the society. It is necessary to clarify which kind of talents in the society need IOT most. The more they need, the better the development space and speed of entering the industry. To put it simply, there are three dimensions, namely, interest, ability and social needs. If you comprehensively consider these three conditions, you happen to be at a perfect intersection, then your achievements, the speed, height and breadth of your achievements must be n times that of your classmates of the same age, and the difference in graduation begins from then on

at the end of the interview, President Chen said that the future of IOT industry is limitless, and with the great development of mobile Internet, IOT will also move into the 2.0 era. At present, the most likely applications are the intelligent upgrading in traditional industries, such as intelligent industry, intelligent agriculture, intelligent logistics, intelligent electricity, intelligent environmental protection, intelligent health care, intelligent home, etc., which are all realized by improving informatization in traditional industries, Strictly speaking, this upgrading takes a long time. It is a transformative industry, and the arrival of the 2.0 era will certainly bring more surprises than the 1.0 era


Chen Ji, a senior IOT industry expert, is an observer for the IOT industry at Beijing TV station. The o2o service model of IOT industry successfully developed by his team was approved and praised by the Ministry of industry and information technology and leaders of ministries and commissions at all levels. Compile the first monograph on innovative application of IOT industry in China, IOT Rhapsody


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