Two Chinese color standards are fully implemented

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Two Chinese color standards have been fully implemented to improve the concept of color use.

two Chinese color standards have been fully implemented to improve the concept of color use.

March 10, 2009

[China paint information] two national standards, the Chinese color standard gb/t "China color system" and its standard sample - the GSB "China color system standard sample book", have been listed on the market recently. As China's first independently developed standard color tool, its full sale in the country marks the full implementation and application of China's color standards in education, scientific research, architecture, commercial design, urban planning and management, color detection and other industries, and has far-reaching significance in standardizing the development of China's color application industry and improving the use concept and standardization management level of color

under the leadership of academician wangdaheng of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Professor jingqicheng of the Institute of psychology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, this standard is a scientific color application system that has been elaborately developed for more than 10 years. It can be widely applied to all related fields of national economic development

as a standard color tool, the color space represented in the standard sample album in color teaching can help students vividly understand the combination law of colors and accurately express artistic inspiration. Most architecture, design, engineering and painting majors use the GSB China color system standard sample book for teaching, and also recommend it to different departments as an interdisciplinary color reference system; In the field of scientific research, the standard sample album is compiled in both Chinese and English, which can be applied to all different color studies. Its visual psychological threshold is based on the Chinese eye, and provides more color reference samples and standard codes with chromaticity values, which is an important reference basis for testing scientific research achievements; In the construction field, more than 95% of coating users use the Chinese color standard system in the context of global calls for energy conservation and emission reduction. Architects use the Chinese color standard as a color reference. The standard sample book has realized the accurate connection from color design to color re emergence in the construction field; In the urban color planning and management, which is an important measure to implement major national policies such as the national medium and long term scientific and technological development plan, the new material industry development guide, and made in China 2025, the standard sample booklet provides 40 standard hues, a total of 5139 standard color chips with chromaticity values, and each color adopts international standard codes, becoming an effective color monitoring tool in the process of urban color management; In the field of commercial design, the color space and color application rules provided by the Chinese color standard bring designers more inspiration for color matching schemes, which is a professional design color spectrum; In the industrial field, the standard sample album is used as a product quality standard for color production control and management

Chinese color standards can also play different roles in the process of color communication, such as research records, color analysis, color creativity, effect display, communication and comparison, production control, etc. In the process of investigation and recording, the investigation results will be accurately recorded with the help of the number and standard color sample provided in the standard sample book; In the process of color analysis, relevant objective and subjective conditions, such as popular color analysis and target customer preference analysis, can be analyzed with the help of the color spatial distribution law displayed in the standard sample booklet, so as to finally select the desired color; In the process of color creation, with the help of the color space and color application rules provided by the standard sample booklet, designers can be inspired by more color matching schemes; In the process of effect display, the high-quality standard color samples provided by the standard sample album can accurately express the color concept, and the complete vehicle with color design weighs only 25.35 pounds (the weight of the complete vehicle without pedal is about 11.5kg); In the process of communication and comparison, standard sample books can be used to communicate with customers in the same color language, so as to achieve barrier free color communication among designers, manufacturers and orderers; In the process of production control, the standard sample album can realize strict color production management and color quality control


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