Two color extrusion Blister molding machine comes

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Two color extrusion and blister forming machine comes out

recently, the two-color extrusion and blister forming machine has been successfully developed by baochuang Machinery Technology Development Co., Ltd. in Fuzhou, which can realize the simultaneous coordination of multiple fatigue testing machines. This set of equipment can be directly produced with powdered calcium carbonate and powdered polypropylene raw materials, so it can reduce the cost and produce products with better quality

the machine can produce double-layer color fast food boxes with two different raw materials. The outer layer uses recycled materials or cheap raw materials, or raw materials with high calcium carbonate content, and the inner layer uses raw materials that meet food hygiene standards. The project plans to use 476 mu of land for operation without manual molding and edge cutting. It can produce 120000 degradable snack boxes a day and can also produce bowls, cups and plates. Now, flame retardant polystyrene board is widely used for external insulation of high-rise buildings


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