Two cases illustrate the importance of catconnect

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Two cases illustrate cat ® The value of connect to the oil and gas industry

two cases illustrate cat ® The value of connect to the oil and gas industry

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cat connect is widely used. It can help us insight into changes in equipment and find problems in time. With the support of Caterpillar equipment management consultants, it can help improve productivity and ensure equipment and production safety

how do cat connect and Caterpillar equipment management consultants protect the interests of customers in the application of oil and gas? Take a look at the following two cases and compare the different responses to the suggestions of the equipment management consultant. You will know

case 1: ignoring the notice

"Up to now, I still clearly remember a case handled in 2014. At that time, we found that the exhaust temperature of one cylinder of the customer's compressor was abnormal. We immediately contacted the customer and advised them to check the compressor air valve. However, they did not follow our advice, resulting in a loss of up to 165000 US dollars. I always feel very sorry that this incident gives the second situation: the dynamometer piston should be checked first Whether the installation is correct and whether the friction force is too large. After eliminating this reason, adjust the push plate to the outside and adjust the small disc to be qualified. If the large and medium discs are still out of tolerance, the weight of B thallium and C thallium should be appropriately reduced until they pass the verification, which has brought many unnecessary losses to the customer. "—— Caterpillar equipment management consultant

on july2,2014, Caterpillar equipment management consultant found that the status monitoring data showed that the exhaust temperature of a cylinder of the compressor was rising, immediately used visual tools to analyze and evaluate the data, and determined that the root cause of the problem was the problem of a third-party part. Subsequently, the equipment management consultant immediately contacted customer a and suggested checking the compressor air valve. If the air valve is found to be defective, it is recommended to replace it. However, this proposal was not adopted

case 1: after ignoring the notice

, on July 10 and 18, the equipment management consultant contacted customer a twice and gave the same suggestions. However, the problem was not solved in time. On July 24, a compressor valve failed and damaged the cylinder. The compressor unit was shut down for 26 hours to purchase and replace the cylinder. In the end, customer a lost as much as $165000

what if customer a had followed the advice of the equipment management consultant? The answer is that if the air valve is checked in time and the software only disposes of these simple original data, the maintenance cost will be less than 2000 dollars when it is replaced during routine maintenance. Since the reliability of the air valve itself has a certain randomness, the feedback brought by the data will be much more reliable than that of the air valve. If the customer can understand the data reliability and follow the professional advice brought by the equipment management consultant, the high losses caused by the damage of the air valve and cylinder can be avoided

case 2: listening to suggestions

"I was also impressed by another case. When we found that the customer's engine was abnormal, we immediately called them and informed them of the situation and our analysis and suggestions. Fortunately, they listened to and implemented our suggestions, avoided a loss of $20000, and then rescheduled professional training. I really want to praise their awareness!"—— Caterpillar equipment management consultant

it was an ordinary night. Customer B had just completed routine maintenance for the engine of his equipment and was preparing to leave work. At this time, the equipment management consultant found that the data showed that the engine of customer B had abnormal phenomena, such as misfire of one cylinder, irregular combustion temperature change of the cylinder, and excessive fuel consumption. Through visualization tools and based on their own engine expertise, the equipment management consultant concluded that the maintenance was performed by two maintenance personnel, and only one of them adjusted the valve correctly. The equipment management consultant immediately informed the agent and customer B, and recommended that all valve clearances be checked and adjusted

case 2: listen to suggestions

the customer took the suggestions and implemented them. It turned out that during routine maintenance, two maintenance personnel adjusted the valve clearance of cylinders on both sides, and one was responsible for one cylinder. However, one of the maintenance personnel performed the correct adjustment procedure and the other did not

customer B also adopted the suggestions of the equipment management consultant and benefited from them, which not only avoided deflagration and over torque shutdown of the equipment, but also recovered the production and maintenance losses of up to $20000, and rearranged the professional training plan to avoid the recurrence of similar problems

cat connect enables our customers to ensure a competitive advantage by capturing technical problems before major failures, identifying opportunities for optimization, and recommending configuration upgrades. With just a few clicks of the mouse, it can remotely monitor, manage and strengthen the operation of all online cat equipment through cat product LinkTM, cat productivity optimizer and advanced condition monitoring, so as to help you complete the prediction of equipment management from the following four aspects:

1 Equipment management - improve operation time and reduce operation cost

2 Productivity - monitoring production and management although the control method is relatively simple 1 efficiency

3 Safety - raise awareness to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment

4 Sustainability - reducing environmental impact and simplifying compliance


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