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Since January, Lanzhou fire brigade has set up a special inspection team to inspect some construction sites and external wall insulation materials in Chengguan, Qilihe and Anning. Up to now, 74 construction sites and 214 buildings of various types have been inspected, and 30 illegal acts have been found that have not been reviewed and recorded by the fire design; If 52 fire hazards are found, 37 shall be ordered to correct immediately; 12 illegal and illegal units were investigated and punished, 6 units were ordered to "stop three times" and fined 317000 yuan. 2 units are under investigation. "In some construction projects under construction in Lanzhou, there is a problem that the external wall insulation materials do not comply with the regulations. These construction sites often use ordinary benzene boards with poor flame retardant performance, which has great potential safety hazards." Lanzhou Fire detachment fire department staff said

thermal insulation material is unsafe

on May 23, we saw at several construction sites in Lanzhou that workers were nailing blue thermal insulation benzene boards to the building wall. The answer to whether the thermal insulation boards were flame retardant was "I don't know." Some workers said that they were only responsible for installation, and they had no time to consider whether it was flame retardant. "At present, there are many exterior wall thermal insulation materials, mainly including three categories. One is inorganic thermal insulation materials, such as glass wool. Although they do not have fire safety problems, their thermal insulation performance is poor. The other is organic-inorganic composite thermal insulation materials, mainly rubber powder polystyrene particle thermal insulation materials, which are non combustible materials. The third category is organic polymer thermal insulation materials, mainly polystyrene foam and polyurethane rigid foam, which are combustible materials With the risk of fire ". A staff member of the fire prevention department of Lanzhou fire brigade said. Benzene board, whose scientific name is (double-sided) steel wire frame polystyrene board, is both a building material and a decorative material. It is widely used in building insulation and other fields. Benzene board as external wall insulation can solve the problem of building insulation to a certain extent, but the existing fire safety problems can not be ignored

the combustion performance shall not be lower than grade B2

on September 25, 2009, the Ministry of public security and the Ministry of housing and urban rural development jointly issued the Interim Provisions on fire protection of external thermal insulation system and exterior wall decoration of civil buildings, which strictly stipulated the combustion performance level of external thermal insulation materials of buildings: the combustion performance of external thermal insulation materials of civil buildings should be grade A and not lower than grade B2. Class A is a non combustible material, and B2 is a combustible material. Flammability is obviously different from flammability. If the height of the residential building is greater than or equal to 100m, the combustion performance of the thermal insulation material shall be class A; The height is greater than or equal to 60m but less than 100m, and the combustion performance of thermal insulation material shall not be lower than grade B2. If grade B2 materials are used, horizontal fire separation strips must be set on each floor

according to the law enforcement officers of Lanzhou fire brigade, they strictly implement the relevant requirements of the Interim Provisions on fire prevention of external thermal insulation system and external wall decoration of civil buildings to enhance the competitiveness of Taiwan's solar energy industry in the inspection of building external thermal insulation materials; In case of non-compliance, the construction unit shall be ordered to rectify; If it is found that the construction, design, construction and engineering supervision units have legal responsibilities, they shall be severely punished in accordance with the fire protection law and other relevant laws and regulations; If the combustion performance of building exterior wall insulation materials cannot be determined, they shall be submitted for inspection according to law

it is a good thing for energy conservation and environmental protection to wear "insulation coat" in buildings. However, during the safety inspection of flammable and combustible external insulation materials for buildings, Lanzhou fire brigade found that 52 of the 74 construction sites and 214 buildings inspected were found to have fire hazards, and 30 were found to have violated the law without fire audit. The survey found that in order to reduce the construction cost caused by the international industrial adjustment and the new technological revolution, businesses are rapidly promoting the construction cost, using a large number of "ordinary boards" without flame retardants. One piece of flammable insulation boards are pasted on the external walls of buildings until they are conditioned to be qualified, which has buried potential safety hazards while saving energy and keeping warm

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