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Reproduce! On May 3, the elevator in a community in Fuzhou, Fujian Province, broke down, and a 13-year-old boy fell and died in the process of self rescue

on May 10, a battery car in the elevator of a community in Chenghua District, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province suddenly caught fire. The fire instantly engulfed the entire elevator room, and many people were burned, including a baby

in cities with high-rise buildings, elevators have been deeply embedded in people's daily life. Office buildings, communities, shopping malls and other crowded places are high-frequency places for elevator use. However, in recent years, elevator accidents often occur, and elevator cannibalism also occurs frequently. The industry is thinking about how to ensure the safety of elevator use and reduce the occurrence of elevator accidents

according to statistics, by the end of 2019, there were 7.0975 million registered special equipment elevators in use nationwide, ranking first in the world. It is estimated that the number of elevators will reach 8.447 million in 2021

China has become the country with the largest number of elevators and annual sales volume in the world. Elevators need to become more intelligent to ensure safety. Therefore, elevator safety is also a public safety issue

therefore, building smart elevators based on AI, big data, IOT and other advanced technologies has become a must for the development of the industry

data source: China business intelligence

omnidirectional support AI real-time detection and alarm function battery cars go upstairs and enter the home, which has not stopped despite repeated prohibitions.

battery cars have become an important tool for people to travel because of their economy, convenience and other characteristics. Problems such as nonstandard use have also caused frequent accidents. Among them, there is no doubt that the electric vehicle upstairs is a dangerous time bomb

almost all community properties will post safety tips related to battery cars, or explicitly prohibit owners' battery cars from entering their homes upstairs, but with little success. In order to prevent battery cars from entering the elevator, some residential properties even set fences at the elevator entrance and in the car

although such measures play a barrier role to a certain extent, for residents, not only the owner's travel experience is poor, but also the beauty of the building environment is affected to a certain extent

in this regard, the azimuth intelligent elevator intercom solution can provide AI real-time detection and alarm function. When the battery car enters the elevator, the IPC camera can be linked to automatically recognize the entry of the electric car and generate a voice alarm prompt; At the same time, the elevator will receive the signal prompt of blocking the door closing, so as to realize the function of prohibiting the battery car from entering the elevator

the real-time audio and video calling function of directional support calls many community elevator intercom devices are not intelligent

for the elevator IOT, the greatest value lies in not only the on-site AI can recognize and perceive changes, but also the back-end can handle them as a whole. Through the cooperation between the front and back ends, the perceived state data can be more fully utilized

however, in the early exploration direction of the elevator IOT, the focus was on the front end, trying to directly judge the fault at the front end and give an alarm. The back end only transmitted the result data, and the result was obviously failed

the built-in emergency call intercom system of the traditional elevator is mainly pre installed by the manufacturer when leaving the factory. It is mainly based on analog technology, which requires separate wiring, deployment and high maintenance costs. It can only call the local duty room from a short-distance local group

in case of emergencies such as passengers being trapped for help, there is a risk that no one will answer the call in the local duty room. Even if it is transformed into FM wireless intercom, the product has poor stability and is easy to be disturbed

IPC cameras can be deployed in the elevator to automatically identify and alarm the battery car. Even if it is transformed into a traditional private IP intercom, it does not support camera linkage and cloud deployment and other functions, and can not achieve a cross system, cross regional and long-distance wide area group except for the traditional material detection and certification services

IPC camera can be deployed in the elevator to realize automatic recognition of the battery car and issue voice warning. If the door cannot be closed or operated according to the floor, the car must be pushed away to recover. However, the camera has the possibility of misjudgment and misjudgment. The passengers cannot communicate with the administrator through audio and video communication. The administrator cannot actively remove the wrong identification signal, which may intensify the contradiction between the two sides

for the above industry pain points, the azimuth intelligent elevator intercom solution can realize the real-time audio and video call function. When the alarm is detected, the intercom function will be automatically triggered, and the administrator will make audio and video calls with passengers. If it is confirmed to be a misjudgment, the administrator can remotely cancel the alarm, so that the elevator can resume normal operation and passengers can pass normally

in case of emergency call, if the IP phone in the management center is not answered or busy, it can be automatically transferred to other preset phones or answered, so as to truly realize long-distance and cross system emergency communication, improve service quality and efficiency, and reduce the probability of disaster accidents

omnidirectional intelligent elevator intercom solution innovates the new mode of elevator intelligent supervision

with the continuous development of the era of IOT, the degree of elevator intelligence has improved, especially the in-depth industrial application of IOT technology, which provides the necessary conditions for the realization of intelligent elevator management system. The omnidirectional intelligent elevator intercom solution provides effective elevator supervision solutions for elevator maintenance units, property management and elevator quality supervision departments to solve the above problems

the orientation smart elevator pair explanation scheme is based on the professional SIP communication technology. By adding the elevator intercom switch eim-01, the old analog two-wire and four wire intercom is accessed to realize the functions of intelligent IPC linkage, wide area group, intercom, broadcast, etc. the integrated communication command technology is applied to the daily maintenance and emergency help management of the elevator to realize the management and operation of the smart elevator

eim-01 diagram of elevator intercom off

taking the elevator car as an example, the topology diagram of the solution is as follows:

topology diagram of the solution

wherein, the eim-01 of azimuth elevator intercom off and the x7a+cm60 visual color touch screen telephone with wide speed regulation range help the intelligent elevator solution and realize the new mode of elevator intelligent supervision

at present, the azimuth intelligent elevator intercom solution has been deployed in batches in many large property communities. It is the common voice of the industry and an important development direction at present to let the elevator go on the information road, crack the hidden dangers of the elevator with science and technology, and ensure the life safety of passengers

in the future, azimuth communication will use science and technology to empower the development of the industry, help the construction of smart elevator IOT, promote the upgrading of elevator smart management, and empower the service of smart city. Innovation driven development, from buildings to smart communities, continuously unlock the infinite possibility of smart community development, and construct (2) successfully complete the task of canceling the ground bar and building an intelligent world without boundary communication


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