Composition of corrugated base paper

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Components of corrugated base paper 1. Trees, paper and paper paddles can be made of a variety of plant fibers, but trees and non wood are the most used raw materials for paper. 2、 The following table shows the typical chemical composition of softwood and hardwood. However, it is difficult to accurately write the chemical formula of wood, because wood is a complex and uneven natural product composed of a variety of compounds. The main components of wood are cellulose (%), hemicellulose (%), wood (%) and solvent soluble substances (, 5%). However, it is impossible to sort out these chemical components without structural change and decomposition. If we study the main components of wood, most of them are composed of polysaccharides, accounting for about%; If the wood polysaccharide is decomposed with dilute acid and water, it can be known that it is a high molecular carbohydrate composed of glucose, mannose, xylose and other monosaccharides. The main polysaccharide components of wood can be divided into cellulose, total cellulose and hemicellulose. If the total cellulose is treated with dilute alkali (such as 17% or 5% NaOH or% KOH) at room temperature, then% of the dissolved in the wood is hemicellulose and% of the insoluble is cellulose. 3、 The raw material of pulp and paper is pulp, which is mainly made from wood. The manufacturing methods are generally as follows: chemical pulp pulp, semi chemical pulp, mechanical (physical) pulp 1. Chemical pulp. Chemical pulp is a kind of pulp mainly made of chemicals in the process of making pulp. Of course, there are certain differences according to the drugs used and the manufacturing methods. In the process of removing the intermediate layer lignin and cell lignin from raw materials, compared with the process pulp, it has the disadvantages of low raw material utilization and high production cost. 1) Kraft pulp, kraft pulp is a kind of pulp made by chemical method, also known as sulfate pulp. The word Kraft means strong in Sweden. Because the paper made from the pulp made from the by-product Mirabilite in the Swedish chemical factory is very strong, it is called kraft paper. (2) Semi chemical pulp, semi chemical pulp is a kind of pulp made by chemical treatment, first removing part of the lignin contained in the wood, and then mechanically crushing the remaining softened wood chips. In other words, chemical treatment and mechanical treatment account for half of the manufacturing methods. The purity and strength of semi chemical pulp are higher than that of wood pulp, i.e. mechanically treated pulp, and the yield is higher than that of chemical pulp made by chemical method. 2. The closed-loop control of the force, displacement and deformation of the waste paper pulp. The so-called waste paper pulp is the used waste paper. It is necessary to closely inspect whether each joint has leakage due to looseness and take corresponding measures to deal with it; In the loosening machine device like the juice blender, twisting back and forth causes the mutually agglomerated fibers to decompose into porridge. The waste pulp used for the surface and bottom pulp of corrugated board is mainly made of kraft paper and corrugated paper scraps, so its strength is very high

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