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Representatives of wind power industry under great pressure call for limiting local protection

due to multiple factors, China's wind power industry is facing severe challenges. However, the suggestions from the representatives of the two sessions undoubtedly bring some comfort and expectation to the development of the wind power industry in the platform period

on March 6, Zhao Ping, a deputy to the National People's Congress, a senior engineer of Dongfang turbine Co., Ltd., and vice chairman of Deyang Democratic League, said in an interview that wind power is the new energy with the most mature technology, the most large-scale development conditions and the most commercialized development prospects, and the important position of wind power as a national strategic emerging industry will not change in the future. With a series of adjustment of relevant industrial policies, it has realized the multi-purpose of universal experimental machines, which is bound to form the priority and integration of the industry. The development space of China's wind power industry is still broad

the wind power industry is under heavy pressure

as one of the earliest strategic emerging industries to achieve industrial scale development in China, the wind power industry has encountered various difficulties since 2010. Among them, wind power investment enterprises are not only affected by various external factors, but also restricted by various internal difficulties. In addition to factors such as the slowdown of wind power approval, the pressure on capital sources and capital costs is also relatively large

Zhao Ping further explained that risk prevention has become an important issue facing the financial industry due to the global economic recovery and the continued turmoil in some regions such as the Middle East. The central monetary policy has also changed from moderately loose to prudent. The reserve ratio has been adjusted and the deposit and loan interest rates have been raised for many times. This makes the loan interest rate of investment enterprises rise and the financial expenses increase

according to statistics, since the end of July 2011, the total liabilities of the five power generation groups have reached 248.23 billion yuan, an increase of 17% year-on-year, and the accumulated financial expenses have reached 52.8 billion yuan, an increase of 33% year-on-year. In this case, the development speed of wind power has been seriously restricted. Since 2010, with the adjustment of national industrial policies, wind power enterprises have faced multiple huge pressures while maintaining growth

the national energy administration has issued the 12th Five Year Plan for renewable energy. It is estimated that by 2015, China will build 5GW of offshore wind power, forming an offshore wind power industry chain. After 2015, China's offshore wind power will enter the stage of large-scale development and reach the international advanced technology level. In 2020, therefore, PCL – peg copolymer nanoparticles containing PPP are expected to become injectable agents, and China's offshore wind power will reach 30GW. However, Zhaoping still believes that there are many difficulties to achieve this goal. Speaking of offshore wind power, it is even more difficult to improve in the short term

the situation is complex and the market competition intensifies.

Zhaoping described the current wind power market situation and existing problems to. First, policy tightening. Wind power investment and project approval are strictly enforced, and the number of projects started is reduced, while the number of wind power machine manufacturing enterprises is increasing rapidly, resulting in more and fewer enterprises and intensified market competition

second, local protection. At present, some places, under the pretext of supporting the development of wind power enterprises in the province, exert various influences to protect local enterprises. At the same time, for the sake of local interests, they continue to require wind power equipment suppliers in other provinces to carry out repeated investment and development, resulting in the dispersion and waste of state-owned assets, resulting in overcapacity

third, related party transactions. Including major power companies, provincial energy companies, investment companies and some listed companies that issue a large number of shares for financing, and constantly require wind power equipment suppliers to claim for procurement, otherwise they will not be supported; At the same time, some large developers continue to merge and acquire wind power equipment suppliers, forming internal related party transactions, and the fairness of the market is not reasonably reflected

fourth, resources for markets. Because the wind power equipment suppliers do not have the qualification for resource development, they can not meet the requirements for developers to exchange resources equally

the risk of triangle debt due to shortage of funds is increasing.

in terms of funds, Zhaoping said that the warranty period of wind turbine group is continuously extended. From the first two years to the present five years (or even the longest requirement of eight years), the operational risks and costs of wind farms are gradually transferred from owners to wind power equipment suppliers, resulting in huge financial pressure on enterprises

corporate triangle debt shows signs of rising. She pointed out that some enterprises have poor payment ability and credit during project implementation after the contract is signed, which has a great impact on the capital operation of wind power equipment suppliers

in addition, enterprises are facing tightening policies. At present, the bank has adopted tightening policies, and some developers have difficulty in investing in wind power in the early stage. They continue to require wind power equipment suppliers to support them by means of financing, joint venture and equipment shareholding, so as to increase the investment risk of the enterprises themselves

in the case of financing difficulties, reducing the cost of weak electricity, which is easy to cause strong electricity interference if the layout is not good, has become the first choice for wind power investment enterprises. However, the low price procurement strategy will inevitably transfer the cost pressure to the complete machine enterprises, and then to the parts enterprises, resulting in the whole industrial chain trying to reduce costs

it is suggested to formulate policies to restrict local protection

in view of the above problems, Zhaoping suggested that the relevant national departments should first continue to strengthen the help and support for domestic excellent central enterprises from the macro policy level, including people, property and other aspects, so as to maintain the healthy development of enterprises and provide continuous product services for operating units

the second is to formulate policies to limit local protectionism and standardize the bidding of domestic wind power projects

thirdly, it is necessary to coordinate relations with the five major electric power companies and major companies in various provinces, and carry out multi-directional cooperation with central enterprises to achieve common long-term and stable development

fourth, in order to ensure the continuous progress of wind power technology, we will provide financial support for wind power technology development and new product research and development

fifth, we should speed up the construction of electricity, especially the construction of transmission lines across provinces and regions. This is the way to solve a large number of power restrictions, and it is also in line with the clean energy plan in the national 12th Five year development plan and the development law of foreign wind power

sixth, offshore wind power has broad prospects for development. However, due to the constraints of technology, test, site and other aspects, domestic installation is difficult. In this regard, she hopes that relevant departments can issue relevant policies to actively guide and establish national test bases or demonstration wind farms

seventh, implement the model specification as soon as possible to prevent disorderly competition among manufacturers, resulting in huge waste of enterprises. When the rated power of the unit is certain, the diameter of the wind turbine is continuously lengthened, which is actually a great waste of energy. It is suggested that the national level should provide guidance on technology development rather than letting enterprises take risks


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