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Notice on the establishment of the environmental safety assessment working group for typical alcohols and ethers and their derivatives According to the policy requirements of the action plan for water pollution prevention and control, from popular plastics to environmental protection materials, we will investigate the production and use of chemicals in key industries nationwide, assess the environmental and health risks of existing chemicals, strictly restrict the production and use of high-risk chemicals, and phase them out step by step. In december2017, the Ministry of environmental protection, together with the Ministry of industry and information technology and the national health and Family Planning Commission, formulated and released the list of chemicals under priority control (the first batch), including 22 categories of chemicals. With the in-depth implementation of the list of chemicals under priority control, more and more chemicals related to environmental safety and human health will also be included in the list, actively promoting the replacement and elimination of Chinese coatings

there are many kinds of chemicals used in the coating industry, among which there are many substances with large quantities that may have an important impact on environmental safety and human health, such as alcohol ethers and their derivatives, mainly ethylene glycol ethers and their derivatives, and propylene glycol ethers and their derivatives. These two types of products have always been highly concerned by research institutions at home and abroad. Therefore, in order to cooperate with the work of "priority control of chemical names should always check the tool record", We have decided to establish a "working group for environmental safety assessment of typical alcohol ethers and their derivatives" to investigate the market data, toxicological data, environmental impact data, etc. of relevant products. Please contact us as soon as possible. The contact information is as follows:

contact person: Wang Zhen

contact person:


China Coating Industry Association

november 27, 2018


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