Repsol chooses Emerson to sign multi-year explorat

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Repsol chose Emerson to sign a multi-year exploration technology contract

Emerson announced that it has signed a multi-year contract with Repsol to provide the paradigms exploration and production software portfolio to Repsol's global exploration business, so that it can identify and evaluate potential and existing opportunities more accurately and cheaply in only two years

implementing the Emerson exploration and production software portfolio in our global exploration projects will improve efficiency, reduce costs and enhance our understanding of the underground, said Agustin diz, director of petroleum technical services at Repsol exploration. After comprehensive evaluation, we decided to provide close on-site support based on excellent technical products, flexible business agreements and Emerson's intention

Repsol will use part of Emerson automation technology and consulting services, that is, Emerson exploration should carefully select and produce software combinations. The exploration and production software is designed to help operators improve efficiency and achieve benchmark enterprise performance in the investment and operation objectives of newly established oil and gas reservoirs. Benchmarking enterprise performance means that enterprise operation and capital performance are among the top 25% of peer companies

Emerson's exploration and production software business is dedicated to helping innovative technology leaders like Repsol extract greater value from their field assets, said Mike train, Emerson's executive president of automation solutions. We are pleased to work with rephall to provide their geoscientists with in-depth analysis to find oil and gas, thereby improving profitability

the Emerson paradox software solution is not produced in many places. In fact, we do the solution combination to provide Repsol with seismic and quantitative seismic interpretation, petrophysical analysis, underground modeling and data management

Emerson acquired paradise in december2017


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