Composition and structure of industrial water wash

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Composition structure of industrial water washing machine

composition structure of industrial water washing machine:

1) control system water washing machine: it is composed of computer panel, computer chip, program software, various sensors, etc. 2) Barrel body: welded with stainless steel plate, used to hold washing water and connected with water inlet pipeline and drain valve. 3) Roller: all rollers are made of high-quality stainless steel plates, and the cylinder wall is equipped with overflow holes and Tipper bars. 4) Transmission mechanism: the transmission mechanism is composed of EQ1 electric vehicle frequency converter, variable frequency motor, belt pulley, V-belt and bearing seat which have widely used aluminum technology. 5) Shock absorber: the shock absorber is fixed with damper by compression spring, pull rod, hook and support to reduce the swing amplitude during vibration. 6) Door: the door body is made of stainless steel. The door is equipped with a rubber seal as a wire ring for experiment. It is sealed with the can body during operation. The door lock is used to open or close the door. A linkage switch is installed in the door lock to ensure that the door will not be opened during the operation of the machine and ensure the safety of the operator. 7) Water inlet pipeline: a solenoid valve is installed on the water inlet pipeline. 8) Drain valve: the opening and closing of the drain valve are controlled by the solenoid valve. 9) Heater: there are two heating methods: steam heating and electric heating


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