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Beware of using free WiFi in public places. Hackers can steal user information in 15 minutes.

in coffee shops, when you find two Wi Fi hotspots: a charging login; A free login, which do you choose? If you choose "free" without thinking, you are likely to be "recruited" immediately, and hackers will obtain personal information and passwords - because it is likely that it is the fishing station set up by hackers

recently, hackers exposed that in public places such as Starbucks and McDonald's, which provide free WiFi, they can steal the user's personal information and password in 15 minutes with only a Windows 7 computer, a wireless network and a network packet analysis software. Industry experts said that there is no free lunch in the world, and many free WiFi may have traps. Users must consult the store after entering the store and log in to the official WiFi set by the store. In addition, some insiders said that the legislation on information security should be put on the agenda as soon as possible

how easy is it for hackers to self explode phishing wifi

to obtain users' personal privacy and even passwords? The answer is very simple! "Novice hackers can master stealing users' personal information and passwords in two hours. It only takes 15 minutes after they become proficient." Recently, it is also a basic requirement day for experimenters. Some hackers posted that in Starbucks, McDonald's and other public places where there are usually wireless hotspots, as long as a Windows 7 system computer, a set of wireless network and a network packet analysis software are set up, and a wireless Wi Fi hot spot AP of fishing nature is set up, a "fishing" Wi Fi can be easily built. This phishing Wi Fi does not have a password. As it is difficult for ordinary users to detect the authenticity of the forged WiFi built by hackers, once connected, hackers can steal the user's personal information and password in only 15 minutes, including the silver password, stock trading account password, etc

according to the detailed "tutorial" on setting up phishing Wi Fi disclosed by the hacker, phishing WiFi can be set up through win7 computer, wireless network and Wireshark software in places with wireless Wi Fi, such as Starbucks and McDonald's. This phishing WiFi requires a deceptive name, such as "Starbucks 2"

because the regular Starbucks and McDonald's need to input cumbersome password authentication to use. This phishing Wi Fi hotspot does not have a password. When users enter Starbucks, they will search the official WiFi of Starbucks and the "Starbucks 2" hotspot with deceptive nature at the same time. Since "Starbucks 2" does not require a password, users will naturally connect to the hotspot first. In this way, when a user accesses HTTPS stations such as live or Gmail, the submitted user name and password will be intercepted by Wireshark software

computers are easy to catch

the hacker friend also said that it would be particularly easy to "have an accident" if using UC browser, because the user name and password used to log in with UC browser use clear text password. The so-called "plaintext password" means that when the station saves the password or transmits the password through the network, the plaintext characters that can be understood are used instead of the encrypted ciphertext

in response to this accusation, UC Youshi company immediately issued a statement saying: "this is a deliberate smear by competitors.". UC company said that it had quickly verified the content of the article, but the situation referred to in the post could not be reproduced. Since then, UC Youshi has conducted a platform wide security verification and inspection, and found that there is an extreme vulnerability in the UC browser of the iPhone version. Then UC Youshi immediately launched a new iPhone version

however, UC also said that if users connect any unsafe phishing Wi Fi in public places, whether they use a computer or a computer, the information may be captured by hackers. Therefore, we should pay attention to identifying phishing Wi Fi

expert opinion

wifi login method should be simplified

some legal experts said in an interview that WiFi hotspot has become an important way for trendsetters, but the current domestic information security legislation lags behind, making it difficult to supervise similar phishing Wi Fi. He suggested that it is necessary for domestic legislatures to introduce information security laws as soon as possible to regulate similar acts

some insiders said that the reason why many users are easily set up by phishing Wi Fi is that they are willing to search for free Wi Fi in public places for reasons such as cheapness and convenience. They never thought of the existence of phishing Wi Fi. In this regard, operators also have to bear a part. The person said that, in fact, the three major operators are actively laying WiFi hotspots, but the operators' Wi Fi login without exception requires SMS authentication and other methods, which is very cumbersome. However, some chain cafes and restaurants, after cooperating with operators to promote WiFi, have not simplified the login procedures, but made it more difficult to login. This undoubtedly increases the possibility of successful fishing Wi Fi traps. Therefore, the three major operators need to consider providing a simpler Wi Fi login method to facilitate the Wi Fi family

expert tips

three tips to prevent phishing wi fi

1 Carefully identify official hotspots

how can users avoid being "phished" by WiFi? According to industry experts, the most important way to prevent is to see the names of Wi Fi hotspots clearly. Some experts in the information security industry said that in order to successfully "hook in" users, hackers usually give a Wi Fi name that is very similar to the official Wi Fi of the store and is very confusing. For example, in Starbucks and KFC, there may be a Starbucks 2, KFC, etc. Therefore, users must ask the on-site counter staff which is the official Wi Fi when they go online, and they cannot easily choose

2. Select the operator hotspot

in addition, the operator Wi Fi hotspot should be selected as far as possible. Relatively speaking, in public places, the security of free Wi Fi hotspots provided by domestic operators is relatively high. Take Guangzhou as an example. At present, the three major operators provide their customers with free Wi Fi hotspots for testing at least 3 hardness values in different parts. Users can obtain free WiFi accounts and passwords through or text messages. If users want to use financial instruments, they should use a more secure 3G network

3 Do not turn on Wi Fi Auto Link

in some network settings, there is the function of Wi Fi auto connection. As long as there is free Wi Fi, it will automatically connect. However, the 1.2 freezing point and moving point oil are often cooled to the temperature when they cannot move, which is called the freezing point. Some users can easily fall into the trap of others without "knowing". Therefore, it is better for users to set the Wi Fi connection to manual, and only open it when they want to use it. Information times

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