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Tieqi grain protection Weichai LOVOL Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. went on a cross regional expedition with Jiangsu robot

Tieqi grain protection weichailovol Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. went on a cross regional expedition with Jiangsu robot

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"it's going to start soon. It's very exciting! This year, our team is going to expand its scope. Using Lovol Ceres crawler makes me more confident in this year's revenue, and also contributes to guarding China's grain." Master Yu, who participated in the cross regional expedition ceremony, said confidently

"go!" On the afternoon of April 27, at the cross regional operation of Jiangsu Agricultural Machinery expedition ceremony, with the command issued, trucks carrying Lovol Valley God crawlers drove onto the road in turn. With full care, Jiangsu machinery operators embarked on the cross regional gold rush in 2021. At the scene of the expedition, Jiangsu Provincial Department of agriculture and rural areas, Lianyungang Municipal government, Guanyun county government, Weichai Lovol heavy industry, China heavy truck and other relevant leaders, cross region users and media friends participated in the event

the full "Valley God red" complemented the warm atmosphere at the scene. It is understood that Lovol Valley rg60 glorious crawler has become the main force of this expedition. The important feature of this model is that it is especially suitable for large plots of land and has high operation efficiency. Equipped with an intercooled high-pressure common rail 120 HP engine, the power reserve is sufficient. Users can choose to equip a 2.2m or 2.4m large header according to their needs, which is a sharp tool for large field operations. Among them, the engine system is imported from Germany Bosch advanced system and equipped with self-cleaning filter, which makes the horsepower more robust and reliable. The bearings and belts of the core components are imported with original packaging, and the traveling transmission belts are imported from Japan. The toothed structure is adopted to ensure that the machine can transmit sufficient power without loss of rotation. The threshing drum is upgraded and widened to 2.21M, the cleaning area is increased, the separation is cleaner, and it can be used as both green and yellow grains. The upgraded cleaning screen has strong star separation capacity and less cleaning loss. In addition, the two-way floating stem passing wheel is equipped with better supporting effect and more stable stem passing. The torsion spring elastic tooth reel is adopted, which has good harvest lodging effect and wider terrain adaptability. The diameter of the guide wheel is increased, and the plate type design is adopted, which has stronger anti falling ability, strong sludge discharge ability, convenient cleaning, and can walk freely in the muddy land

at present, rape, rice and other crops in the south are entering the harvest season immediately, and agricultural machinery operation has successively entered the stage of centralized operation. For a long time, Weichai Lovol heavy industries has always adhered to "customer satisfaction is our purpose", took the needs of cross regional operation customer groups as the core concern, continuously innovated service modes, improved service capabilities, and resolutely practiced the service culture of "saying, doing, and being more considerate". For this year's large-scale cross region operation service of Lovol Gushen crawler machine, Weichai Lovol heavy industry No. 1 has specially set up a whole process intelligent service team to provide customers with all-round online and offline services relying on more than 3000 service and parts networks across the country. Second, through the Zhilian cloud service platform, we can track customers' vehicles, arrange market service resources in advance according to the cross region location and cross region route of vehicles, and release the location and contact information of spare parts mobile vehicles, so that customers can truly experience 100% high-quality service. Thirdly, more than 200 friendly Weichai Lovol post stations have been established along the trans regional lines to repair and maintain vehicles free of charge, serve every customer wholeheartedly, truly solve the worries of users and ensure their comprehensive income

over the years, Lovol Ceres series harvesters have won the trust of more and more users with their stable operation performance and high-quality after-sales service. "Last year, my Lovol Valley God could collect up to 120 mu of land a day. However, Russia is still the largest importer of extruders in China. I am not afraid of the land. It is fast and clean. I have great confidence in Lovol Valley God and will use it this year." At the event site, cross region pilots exchanged cross region experiences with each other

with the optimization and improvement of intelligent and information technology application, Weichai Lovol heavy industry will continue to focus on global resource integration and technological innovation, provide the market with more high-end, more comfortable and more environmentally friendly agricultural equipment products, create more value for users, and continue to make greater contributions to modern agricultural development and national food security

everything is ready. Just wait for triumph. I believe that Lovol Valley God crawler will help the cross regional robot operators across the country to reap a bumper harvest

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