Caution in using plastic bags to pack food

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Caution in packaging food with plastic bags recently, Guangxi Consumer Association issued the first consumption warning in 2002: blindly using plastic bags to package food is harmful to health

in view of the fact that many businesses currently use non food plastic bags to pack food, and most of these plastic packages are "three noes" products, some are recycled plastic products, and proportion control components that can meet the requirements of most engineering testing industries, the most successful case of the association's modified EPS reminds consumers to choose and use suitable food plastic bags, At the same time, attention should be paid to the following points:

any manufacturer producing plastic packaging for food should have a hygiene license and an industrial and commercial business license issued by the relevant state departments

when the plastic packaging bag for food leaves the factory, the outer packaging shall be marked in Chinese with the factory name, factory address and product name, and the words "workshop is my 'battlefield' and" for food "shall be marked in the obvious place. The product shall be attached with the product inspection certificate after leaving the factory

the plastic packaging bags for food shall comply with the corresponding national health standards. The state clearly stipulates that the plastic packaging bags for food are free of peculiar smell when leaving the factory, and the plastic packaging bags with special smell cannot be used for food packaging

colored plastic packaging bags (dark red or black, etc. currently used in the market) cannot be used for food packaging

it is better to buy food packaging bags in large shopping malls rather than street stalls

as the plastic bags used for food are not easy to degrade, which will cause environmental pollution, when purchasing food, they should be carried but packed in vegetable baskets or paper

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